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Frequently Asked Questions
From what to do if you have a burst pipe to how to top up the pressure on your boiler. We've put together a list of the frequently asked questions we recieve.
What do you charge for services?
We charge a cost-efficient fee for coming out and quote each job in writing before the work begins. All of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Are your prices different after normal hours?
Yes our prices do differ when our visit is outside of our normal working hours of Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 17:00.
How long will a new gas boiler last?
A new gas boiler can easily last over 15 years if serviced annually, fitted with a magnetic filter and the inhibitor conentrations are monitored.
What temperature should my cylinder thermostat be set to?
Your hot water cylinder temperature should be set to 60 degrees in order to kill legionella bacteria. If set using a timer ensure the water is heated to 60 degress every 24 hours to be on the safe side.
If I book in a job on a saturday will it cost me more?
Unfortunatley we are closed on Saturdays. Emergency out of hours work is charged at higher rates.
Are all new toilets water saving toilet suites?
Yes! Water regulations has now made it so flush volumes are a maxium of 6 litres on full flush and 4 litres on half flush.
What do if you have a burst pipe?
Locate the cold water stop tap to the property and turn clockwise all the way. Open a few taps and confirm the water has shut off by the taps running dry.
How do I top up the pressure on my boiler?
Usually there are two quarter turn taps which must be opened slowly whilst monitoring the boiler pressure gauge. Top the pressure up to 1-1.5 bar. Makesure to shut the tap off when the desired pressure is reached to avoid damage to boiler components.
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