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The Benefits Of Boiler Service Plans!

Boiler service plans come with a range of benefits. More and more people are opting to sign up to boiler service plans in 2023. Some of the main benefits of signing up to a boiler service plan are as follows:

Your safety, health and peace of mind. 

Gas leaks are not common but by maintaining your boiler with a regular service; the chance of a gas leak occuring is greatly reduced. Another safety/health issue with gas boilers is carbon monoxide which could become a threat to you if your boiler isn’t regularly serviced and checked for safety.

Efficiency & Reliability.

Even the smallest of problems if left unchecked can cause you to lose hot water and heating. Regular servicing can find potential problems early, so damage to other parts is less likely. For example an integral leak inside the boiler could start to rust the pipework and inner casing, which could leak to an an expensive repair or replacement in the future.


Most of the time, a regular service is a requirement of your boiler manufacturer’s warranty. All of the well known boiler brands offer extensive guarantees, which can sometimes last up to 10 years or more. Unfortunately this warranty becomes void if the boiler isn’t serviced every year, which could leave you with an unexpected bill when the boiler breaks down.

Maintenance & Longevity

A regular service will extend the life of your boiler, so you can avoid or at least delay having to replace it. Boilers which have been annually serviced are usually the ones still standing 20 years later!

Money Saving & Convenience

A service plan allows you to better manage your budget by paying small amounts throughout the year rather than a much larger sum in one go. Boiler Service plans are usually cheaper than paying for a service separately each year. This is due to companies rewarding loyal customers by giving discounts for paying by monthly direct debit.

Annual Service Reminder

Since its important for more than one reason to have your boiler serviced annually, why run the risk of forgetting to book in your annual boiler service! By signing up to one of our service plans, you will always get a call from us here at CML when its time for your service, so it’s one less thing to worry about!

Home Insurance

Many Home insurance companies only payout for unexpected boiler leaks/repairs if the boiler has been serviced annually. The insurance company will normally ask for your service certificates prior to making a claim.

Other Benefits

Signing up to a service plan can also include other benefits such as reduced callout fees if you have a breakdown, and discounted rates to add additional appliances to the plan such as gas fires and hot water cylinders.

That summarises the benefits to signing up to a boiler service plan. For more information on our service plans please visit our service plan page here


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